NeuroTarget System

The NeuroTarget System was developed by Dr.
John Pietila and allows the cause of injuries to be identified and treated with relative ease. Removing the cause of an injury is the first step in fast, efficient healing. The system can also be used to prevent injuries and increase athletic performance. See how NeuroTarget can help you >>

A Typical Visit and Testimonials

We will discuss history, how we can help, and what we can do to prevent the injury from coming back. For established patients, a
typical visit lasts 20-30 minutes and
consist of a NeuroTarget assessment,
treatment, and may be followed by ARP
Therapy. What to expect >>


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ARP Therapy

ARP Therapy is the application of a unique current that allows us to further target your injured tissue. The effect creates a decrease in inflammation, improvement in scar tissue, and strengthening of the injured area. Learn how ARP Therapy works >>

The Staff

Two of the doctors at Pietila Chiropractic are fully trained and licensed Chiropractic Neurologists. We understand how the nervous system works and what we need to do to change its functions. There are only ten certified Chiropractic Neurologists in Minnesota and our clinic has two! Meet Our Staff >>


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In The News and Links

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